Patient Results

Patient Results


“To Kirk and the great staff at Perf: Thanks for helping me to get back on my feet, and feel good about myself again.”

Randolph Green - former Adventure Athlete, Ski and Bike coach.

“To Kirk and Katie, the Dream Team. Thanks for fixing my knee and shoulder so that I could get back to the rock, you guys were great!”

Hermann Goellner - Rock climber extraordinaire, former US Ski Team Coach and Austrian National Ski Team Racer

“Kirk was great, no one ever listened to me like he did. Not only did he fix my back, he helped my entire body function smoother and more relaxed than it has in years. And now I am finally able to sleep. Thank you so much!”

Michele Goff

“You guys rock! Thanks for fixing my knee and neck. See you on the slopes!”

David Wise - Olympic Gold Medalist and 3 time X-Games Champion

“When I came to Performance Physical Therapy in May 2013 I was recovering from my second surgery of my right knee. I was in pain, had a swollen knee, could not do much and was on pain medication. The treatment by Kirk, Katie and the supporting therapists helped greatly to recover almost completely by October.

The treatment and exercises during treatment sessions was well tailored to my needs and professionally done. An excellent balance between exercises without irritating the knee tissue was achieved which was instrumental for my steady knee recovering. When using various exercise equipment during the sessions there always was a person watching and asking periodically if everything was OK.

Many thanks to Kirk, Katie, Erin, Joelle and Michelle for their dedicated service. Without them I would not be where I am today.”

Benno Rayhrer

Hi Kirk,

Thank you so much for taking such great care of Bryce! You went above and beyond what was expected to ensure his recovery. He is throwing great! His leg is great! He will be pitching in a tournament in California next weekend and I am looking forward to it because what I have been seeing at his trainer is fantastic! He is pitching better than ever! I dropped off a stack of your cards at the Muckdog Facility and told them about our success story with you. I hope it brings you new patients.

Thanks again and I think you and your team are awesome!!”

Sheila Benson

“Every year my wife and I bareboat the British Virgin Islands in the spring. Last year we had a 42 foot catamaran out of Tortola. Two days out we set the anchor in White Bay off Guana Island. In the morning, when it came time to weigh anchor, the windlass wouldn’t function. Being in 12 feet of water with the appropriate amount of chain out I had to pull in about 80 feet of chain plus the anchor by hand. I sat hunched over the chain locker with my feet braced pulling in chain as my wife motored slowly forward. I knew I was in trouble about three quarters of the way through and when it came time to pop the anchor loose and haul it off the bottom I was hurting badly.

I had been seeing Kirk off and on during the past 3 years for reoccurring back pain and one thing he did for me was teach me the “Magic-5” back exercises for good back health. Knowing that finding a physical therapist in the BVI would be problematic and not wishing to spend the next ten days in pain as well as dealing with the airline seating, I retired to my cabin and spent the balance of the day resting and performing the 5 magic exercises over and over.

Now understand that it wasn't just one set of exercises that helped me but about eight hours of gentle exercise, and rest that made the difference. The next morning I awoke refreshed and pain free, just sore as anyone might be from a strenuous work out. It was the best sore I have ever felt and I knew that I had remediated the injury to my back. I was then very careful not to over do anything for the rest of the trip which was, indeed, spectacular.

Many thanks to Kirk and his staff. I can’t say enough about his skill and compassion in bringing relief to those with pain.”

Chris Dewitt, adventure sailor

Dear Kirk,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the care and treatment you provided. I am truly feeling better than I have in years! The hands-on manipulations, the traction of the knotted strap under the closed door, and most importantly the Fat Flush Plan. I still have hip discomfort but it is localized in the joints. All that creepy inflammation that had me so down, is now totally gone! I have lost about 12 pounds, and feel back at “fighting potential!” I attribute the directive I received from you to feeling so good, and wanted to thank you.”

Kimberlee Orenstein, Director Yoga Loka

Dear Kirk:

The reason for my note is that I wanted to share a small victory with you. I was on the bike at home tonight and I was engrossed in my book when all of a

sudden, my little girl comes into the room and squeals. She yelled for the boys to come in and they were sooooo excited that I was bending my "bad leg" enough to pedal all the way around the stationary bike. I guess since I was reading, my hip wasn't coming too far up off the seat and it looked like a real natural movement. I wish you could've seen the joy on their little faces ... it was priceless. You did that you know?!

Well, it really disturbed me today that you think replacing your care was going to be easy for me in Texas. All kidding aside, what you have done for me will never, can never be duplicated. I was in so much pain for so long it really affected my psyche. Ten years of compensating for a knee that was pretty much toast was a real hindrance to my self-confidence. Anyway, yada yada yada, and all that rot but in the end, I am leaving with A LOT of hope for a much more normal life without pain. I get all choked up when I try to say how much I appreciate you and what you've accomplished with me... I hope you know that you are where you are supposed to be and I was truly blessed to find you.”

Naomi Rodriguez