Spine & Complex Conditions

Spine and Complex Conditions

Here at Performance we have pioneered a unique Whole Body Approach to patient care. If you have had a condition (or multiple conditions) for any length of time, your body has adapted, compensated, and changed in order to try and reduce the associated pain and stresses. This “Trickle Down Effect” can (and usually does) involve other tissues and body regions and you may develop symptoms for which no good explanation is offered. Unique to our practice, we examine and treat the Whole Person, correcting structural imbalances, stabilizing them, retraining and restoring natural motion and posture. We also utilize information about your lifestyle, diet, and medications to create a comprehensive program to meet your needs. By optimizing all aspects of your body's function you can be pain free again. Your health will blossom and your activity performance will improve.

It’s not simply about Exercise,

It’s about restoring Natural Motion.

Spine and Complex Conditions

It’s not simply about manipulating joints,

It’s about restoring Structural Alignment and mobility.

It’s not simply about using high-tech modalities,

It’s about facilitating the healing process and controlling inflammation.

It’s not simply about treating a few body parts,

It’s about restoring whole person function.

This is the kind of care that helps those in chronic pain, with complex problems, or failed surgeries.

This is the kind of care we provide at Performance Physical Therapy.