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Sports Medicine to Get You Back in the Game

At Performance Physical Therapy, we do sports medicine differently, after all, we love sports too! When it comes to getting back to the sports you love, you need to rehab both your structure and your movement. We take the time to understand what your sports goals are and who you are as a person to develop the most effective and complete rehab plan for you. Looking at your body as a dynamic whole, we apply the specific hands-on treatments and exercises that correct and improve how you move so your body will fully recover. Our experience ranges from the child athlete, to the weekend warrior, to olympic champions, so whatever your level or sport, if you have the passion, we've got the program for you.

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  • Skiing
  • Running Sports
  • Cycling
  • Baseball/Softball
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Rock Climbing
  • Soccer
  • Equestrian Sports
  • Swimming / Diving

If you would like to experience the level of detail and treatment we provide, or if you've been managing an injury that won't cooperate or improve, please contact us and let our team help you get back to the activities you love.

Our Sports Treatment Includes:

  • Real-time treatment that melts muscle knots, restores joint and muscle flexibility, and teaches your body to activate the proper muscle firing patterns, often within just one or two sessions.
  • Appointments within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Complete injury diagnosis and management.
  • Musculoskeletal assessment of strength, flexibility, balance, posture, and neuromuscular control.
  • Functional exercise prescription for total body integration, including the dynamic core, muscular slings, and pelvic balance.
  • Manual therapy to restore normal joint and soft tissue length, flexibility, and responsiveness Kinesio Taping and bracing.
  • Orthotic and footwear evaluation and prescription.
  • Treadmill or on-site, high-speed camera video gait analysis (coming soon).

Skiers - Receive help recovering after a crash or surgery.

Why not go to those who know your sport? Skiing, ski racing, snowboarding, and ski patrolling: at Performance Physical Therapy, we have decades of experience and advanced training in diagnosing and rehabilitating injuries and pain related to skiing and riding. We take the time to fully diagnose your injury, strength, flexibility, power, balance, and posture to come up with a plan customized to meet your needs.

Golfers - Hit the ball, lose the pain.

Wouldn't it be great to play a round of golf without pain? Or even half a round? Are you tired of being stiff and sore after a beautiful day of golf? Have you purchased one of those thick, heavy, glossy golf-exercise books only to wonder where to begin? What if we told you you only need to do three simple exercises during your round to feel better? And just a few more to really improve your game. Sounds too good to be true? Well, so do all of those gimmicks on the golf channel. But they don't have us to analyze and fix your body movements so you move more smoothly with less pain and more energy. In just a few sessions, you can learn some very simple maneuvers that will bring the magic back to your game.

Cyclists - Find your inner spin and restore harmonious balance to your ride.

Tired of feeling pain or discomfort when you ride or just not happy with your cycling performance? Do you know the key exercises that will improve your comfort and performance? We can help you get more comfort and performance out of your cycling by helping you improve specific flexibility and movement pattern abilities. This typically involves making adjustments to both your bike and your body to optimize your riding experience. Wondering if you could be doing better on your bike? A full assessment and follow-up typically only takes one or two sessions. Contact us to sign up and get more out of your riding.

Runners - We get it, we feel your pain.

If you're a runner, you have to run. Life simply is not the same if you're not running. Running is a sport of repetitive motion, and often problems don't appear until you're several miles down the road. Normal things don't cause you any trouble, and your particular problem may not be found with normal examination protocols. We know how important it is to keep your body tuned and at its best, and there's far more to it than merely rolling out your IT band with a foam roller. 

Our therapists have years of specialized training and experience in helping runners. We apply a manual therapy and movement science approach to rehabilitating running injuries that takes into account the movement patterns and neuromuscular control that is often the root of many running injuries. Our expertise goes beyond standard evaluation schemes and combines the analysis of biomechanics, muscle strength, and flexibility imbalances, as well as identification of training errors.

Woman Receiving Physical Therapy

Tennis Players - If you can't move, you won't get to the ball.

Elbow problems, what tennis player hasn't had those? And then there's the shoulder, neck, and wrist. Oh, and let's not forget about the lower back or knees. Did we mention ankle sprains? With years of high-level competition experience, including NCAA and semipro, we can bring new life to your game. Why wait till your body is really bad? A little bit of prevention sure beats weeks off the court.